How Donatella Versace Used to Look Like Before Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace is a famous Italian couturier, as well as a vivid example of how a bad plastic surgery can turn a beautiful woman into a monster.

Donatella was born in Italy in 1954. Her father came from a noble but impoverished family. Her mother was a dressmaker who had her own small sewing business. Versace has been interested in creating beautiful clothes since the very childhood.

After graduating from school, Donatella and her older brother Gianni moved to Florence to pursue their careers in knitwear design. After he opened his first clothing design workshop, she worked for him in the public relations department. Eventually, a small family business grew into a well-known brand. Donatella Versace followed her childhood dream and started to produce clothing collections.

In her youth, Donatella Versace was not a feminine beauty ideal. Nevertheless, she was a very attractive young lady. Her blonde long hair and beautiful hazel eyes could have charmed any man. Despite a nose with a dorsal hump and strong jawlines, the Italian girl used to look great.

In 1997, Donatella took over the Versace fashion house after the death of her beloved brother Gianni. She became a much more popular figure on mass media. Along with recognition and popularity, Donatella has developed a love to plastic surgery. She chanced her nose and enhanced her lips. Unfortunately, the plastic surgeries did not end well. Donatella’s overly plum upper lip made her look terrible.

The surgery-obsessed woman continued to do plastic surgeries. The laser skin resurfacing made her skin thinner and led to wrinkles. Many years later, Donatella’s face has turned into an ugly mask.