Solange Knowles: Who Is Beyoncé’s Sister

Beyoncé has a little sister Solange. She is six years younger than her famous sibling is. Even though Solange is not as popular as Beyoncé, she is as attractive and fashionable. The beauty is a singer, actress, and model. Of course, she is being compared to her older sister all the time. People say that Solange has a more impulsive and fiery temper. She is more inclined to take risks than Beyoncé and is not afraid to experiment.

The Knowles sisters have been friends since childhood. They always were very close. Beyoncé and Solange both started singing career with Destiny`s Child, an American girl group produced by their father Mathew Knowles. Solange wrote songs for the group, and then for Beyoncé.

In 2002, Solange Knowles began to sing by her own. At this moment, she had 4 full albums and several clips, which she has directed herself. By the way, Solange also plays the piano and percussion, as well as creates and arranges dances.

Her music is a symbiosis of different musical genres such as r’n’b, soul, and funk. One of the main themes of Solange’s works is feminism. She calls herself a proud black fighter for women’s rights.

Beyoncé’s little sister has been married twice. She married a football player Daniel Smith on February 27, 2004. Solange was only 17 at the time. She gave birth to their son, Daniel on October 18, 2004. Daniel and Solange had divorced in 2007.

In 2014, Knowles married music video director Alan Ferguson. She seemed to be in awe of him, calling the husband phenomenal. However, the couple had officially divorced in 2019.