Four TV Series To Watch During Self-Isolation

Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

Single mother Mia Warren moves to a nice little town together with her teenage daughter. She makes her living as an artist, so they move around quite a lot. Soon after, Mia meets Elena Richardson, who is the most popular woman in town. They start a strange and awkward relationship. Proud and independent Mia with a chaotic lifestyle has to communicate with Elena, who is a control freak. Eventually, their fates got intertwined in a very peculiar way…

The New Pope (2020)


The New Pope is a continuation of the 2016 series The Young Pope. Pope Pius XIII is still in a coma. People are praying for his recovery and worship him as a saint. At the same time, his colleagues have no idea what to do. It has been nine months since Pius XIII went into a coma and the church needs a pontiff. They have to elect a new Pope.

Pour Sarah (2015)

Students Sarah and Cédric get into a serious car accident. Both of them survived. Cédric has to end his sports career and face criminal charges for drunk driving. Sarah is on the verge of death. She is fighting for her life while her relatives are on duty at her bedside. The relationship between two families is heating up as police officers investigate the accident…

Valkyrien (2017)

This is a series about a doctor who lives and works in the underground tunnels of Oslo. He treats all kinds of people. Some of his patients do not trust official medicine, some are too poor to afford it, and some are criminals who just cannot seek medical help in regular hospitals. It is not the most pleasant job, but it allows him to conduct risky experiments in his spare time.