Actresses Who Claim They Have Never Done Plastic Surgeries

Monica Bellucci

Beautiful Monica Bellucci have always denied plastic surgeries. We tend to believe her even though she is 55 years old and looks incredibly good. Moreover, the actress admitted that she starts to notice wrinkles around her eyes. However, Monica says it does not bother her at all.

Julianne Moore

Julianne refuses plastic surgeries. “Usually, people do not look younger after plastic surgeries. They just look different,” the popular actress said in one of the interviews.

Julia Roberts

The “Pretty Woman” star often uploads her photos without makeup to her Instagram. Julia says that she wants three of her children to perfectly understand her feels and emotions. “Your face should tell a story. However, it should not be a story about you visiting the doctor’s office on a regular basis,” said Roberts.

Salma Hayek

Many Hollywood producers tried to persuade Salma Hayek into using Botox. However, the Latino American beauty does not want to betray her natural beauty. Despite the fact that her husband is one of the richest people on the planet, Salma has never been under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Kate Winslet

“I am an actress and I do not want to freeze the expression of my face,” says Kate. We 100% agree with her! Yes, she is not as young and beautiful as she was in the 1997 movie “Titanic”. Nevertheless, Kate Winslet still looks gorgeous! Just watch “The Dressmaker” if you do not believe us.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone believes that it is OK to be imperfect at an old age. She thinks it is sensual and sexy. “I am not against plastic, but it is wrong to make countless plastic surgeries on a regular basis,” says Sharon.

Halle Berry

Even though it is hard to believe, but the actress have never done plastic surgeries. Halle Berry looks absolutely stunning in her 50s. Her cosmetologists do a great job!