Natalia Oreiro: a singer, actress, businesswoman, and a “Wild Angel”

The girl from Uruguay had been taking acting classes since she was eight. After Natalia turned 12, she started to appear in commercials. Her persistent and dedication helped her to become a world-famous star.


Oreiro used to run away from home together with her girlfriend — they traveled around with rock musicians. Therefore, considering her rebellious temper, Natalia is truly a “Wild Angel”.

When Oreiro turned 16, she went to Argentina to attend castings. She managed to succeed. The young actress starred in many television shows but the 1998 series “Wild Angel” was special — it made her enormously famous.


The series revolves around the relationship of a beautiful and rebellious maid Milagros and Ivo (Facundo Arana), the owner of the house. This role made Oreiro worldwide famous.

After “Wild Angel”, the on-screen couple Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana reunited in the series “You Are the One”.

Oreiro is not only a popular actor but also a good singer. The “Wild Angel” opening theme “Cambio Dolor” performed by Natalia was a huge hit. This song together with “Me muero de Amor” was included in her first album.

Natalia’s personal life is full of tears, just like in her series. She had a bad breakup with an actor Pablo Echarri whom Oreiro had been dating for 6 years. Eventually, she got married to a rock musician who is 20 years older than she is.

The couple struggled to make a child. In 2012, Natalia gave birth to a son named Merlin.

According to rumors, Natalia Oreiro lived apart from her husband in the last year because she had an affair with Benjamín Vicuña, her co-star from the 2015 telenovela “Among cannibals”. However, Natalia returned to husband after she found out Ben was cheating on her.