What Is Known About the New Girlfriend of Matthew Perry

The 50 years old star of “Friends” sitcom Matthew Perry, who has been accompanied by loneliness for the last years, has finally met a girlfriend. 

The actor has never been married and his private life was faded a long time ago. Between 1995-1996 he was dating with Julia Roberts and in the period of 2006-2012 he had relations with Lizzy Caplan. 

Since the end of autumn, 2019 the actor was noticed in the company of a pretty female brunette for several times. She was quite younger than the man. For example, at the beginning of winter people saw them in an Italian restaurant having a romantic candlelight dinner. Even that time it was clear that Perry’s romance is not just a passing thing. But no one knew exactly who was the unexpected beloved woman of “Chandler”. 

It was clear then that that girl was 28 years old Molly Hurwitz. She is also involved in the cinematography – the lady works in the company which searches for actors. 

They celebrated Christmas and New Year together at Perry, which definitively proves that the couple in love has serious relations. By the way, Christmas with Perry was a real miracle for Hurwitz. The girl shared her sincere emotions in the social networking. Hurwitz thanked her sweetheart for a celebration with a Christmas tree. The thing is that Molly never had a Christmas tree when she lived with her mother. After divorce the woman couldn’t have it according to the conditions of a prenup, so she and her ex-husband had different religions. That’s why the holiday with a Christmas tree really impressed the girl.